FRAMEmotion Miami 2018

Emotion Art Experience

Guardians of the Temple
by Le Tellier Jerôme

Le Tellier Jerôme ARTWORKS

La Tour de Malborough/ Malborough's Tower


Guardians of the Temple

Big Waterfall

Artwork from other artists

The Imprint


In Happiness

“FLAT HILL of Pinza / where I went / for the sake of going / and to be there! / FOUNTAIN of Pinza! / Puddle / where I drank / on my elbows the water of the wolf!”

Untitled IV / XXVII

Glove Compartment

La Rose de Rodin

Untitled 2/14

“i eu sei só / a coor / do ucedo” “and I just know / the colour / of heather”

Scary monster

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