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SEEZART aims to provide and guarantee an unfalsifiable certification and provenance of artworks.So, we want to secure the processes of artworks throughout its life cycle, its value, the rights of the various actors involved but also ensure the legality of operations. To do this, we use blockchain[...]

Anatole tools

Cloud-based management tools suite for modern art galleries. Manage all aspects of your art business : inventory & catalog management, tasks management, CRM, online marketing, invoicing, built-in online services, P.O.S & accept online payments from your customers.


notoryou is a Paris-based creative studio specialized in cultural immersive tours & VR experiences. We are also photo exhibitors since 2015. We strongly believe in the power of technology when it brings to the people something really meaningful. Not a new gadget, but a reel benefit like[...]


ARTIFY develops the first connected object dedicated to Art : A digital frame - UltraHD with anti-sheen finish - combined with a tablet to access and display our scanned artworks library.   We offer Art professionals this innovative solution : On site, to show all their artists’[...]

Wit art

Wit Art is an art collection management solution created in 2017. Wit Art provides the art market with a completely new service. It is the first company to offer support adapted to the needs of collectors and for the benefit of collectors. Art collectors have specific needs concerning the unique[...] is an innovative social network with no ads facilitating direct and indirect collaboration between creators and their audience. A large range of tools are available on the website to develop professionalisation, independent and collaboratively financed artistic creation

NewArt advisor

NewArt Advisor describes itself as a curator of “Art, Places and Spaces”. The company specializes in designing and organizing unique art and culture events, such as art fairs, trade shows and conventions. NewArt Advisor is also developing a geolocated module for transport and innovative[...]

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