55bellechasse France


Bertrand SCHOLLER and Hans MAUTNER have, between them, more than 60 years of career experiences, as banker, senior executive, and financial and strategic consultant, and have contributed to the development of international companies, as well as meeting and collecting contemporary artists. Since 2013, they have partnered in 55Bellechasse to participate in the emergence of fifteen international artists, with an approach that endeavors to combine some...

HongLee Curator

HongLee Curator

We are an international art agency currently working with Paris and London galleries and
artists. We act as a bridge between artists and galleries, and we initiated more than 30
different exhibitions both in Paris and London since the year 2017, which was a great
opportunity to introduce artists' works to the European public. Our role is also to help
connect European galleries or European artists who are interested in the...

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