Frame edition N°7

February 7th to February 28th 2020

Frame edition N°7

FRAME Basel 02-2020

One dreams art, the other dreams of art, and when the two meet it is the beginning of a magical story. Frame ArtFair is the go-between in the romantic intrigue that is woven between the artist and the art lover and invites you to this effect at the Basel Art Center from February 7th to 28th, 2020.


The Dream in all its manifestations - wish, fantasy, or nightmare - is a multifaceted subject as evidenced by its artistic representation: one can show the dreamer, the dream, or both at the same time. If painting, according to Leonardo da Vinci, is the technique that lends itself best to represent dreams, today's artists take all liberties to make us live a oneiric multi-sensory experience.

In fact, until modern times, artists endeavored to transfigure the impossible - to make the immaterial material - by all technical, scenic and narrative means within the limits of religious censorship and academic criteria while the Post-Freudian artists no longer bother with aesthetic rules or taboos to embody their most intimate and senseless dreams. Yet they all have in common a certain poetry relating to their time which can take on incredible not to say trashy aspects in Contemporary Art. Even if we are far from a Vision of Saint Teresa by Bernini, Jérôme Bosch can still easily compete with John McCarthy’s vision.

Frame ArtFair dreams of taking you on the way to Basel, in the glorious footsteps of great collectors such as Marguerite of Austria, Philippe of Orleans, Peggy Guggenheim or Ernst and Hildy Beyeler. After the commercial revolution of Pop Culture era, Contemporary Art must be affordable for all those who dream of creating an art collection. Keeping your feet on the ground while having your head in the clouds is a financial challenge that the united artists and gallery owners wish to take up by joining the effort of Frame ArtFair to offer an amazing selection of works… to dream about !

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