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The recent collaboration between Bertrand Scholler and Antoine Py has resulted in the creation of FRAMExperience, an association of FRAME and IF-ArtFair, two ambitious art market participants who hope to redesign some of the art market modus operandi through a single event, combining a more comfortable past and a more dynamic future.

FRAMExperience Paris, a personalized event and a laboratory for experimentation. Because Paris is already crowded with fairs, while the market is not so large, we really want to go intimate and make it the place to try all our concepts, like mixing exhibitors and relevant digital start-ups, tradition and modernity, food and music, etc.

All day long there are to be speed dating for projects, lectures and contemporary art on the walls, with daily changes of curation.

All is centred in few spaces in the heart of Paris, at walking distance from some of the most significant cultural monuments of the city, but also FIAC. FRAMExperience Paris will be the perfect place for testing and sharing new ideas and concepts, including a test of the mutual compatibility of 55Bellechasse and a new collaborator, Antoine Py, and his organization. We would expect that Paris will be a useful testing ground for both ideas and activities – and would inform significantly the decision making for what we do in Miami and then Basel, how we do it and with whom we do it.



Galerie 55 Bellechasse

Dark room

Galerie 61 rue de varenne espace a

Galerie 61 rue de varenne espace b


FRAME EXPERIENCE Paris 2018 pictures

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