Medic Milan

Milan Medic goes his own path. Sensitive, he sometimes looks for some encouragement, exchanges, but he continues his road, certain of his role and his destiny.

He is not afraid of being shamed: if one reacts to his work, this means that one saw it.

Over the months, after our first, rather baffling meeting, I discovered a proud and touching individual.

Milan Medic works tirelessly, he paints, glues, sculpts, draws, cuts, molds and shares. Milan's work is comparable to that of a sociologist or even an ethnologist, who would not seek distant places and isolated subjects research. Milan speaks bluntly about us, like a scientist.As he studied coding, the artist is interested in hard facts and their mechanics. He does not care for makeup, no formulation or clever convolution to provide an acceptable face to his daily life, in our daily life. His works are crude and often brutal, almost unbearable, and certainly excessive.

For Milan Medic, in our world, the first, the strongest, the smartest are always better served. He sometimes offers pieces of his artworks. But what do we want? As each contains a "Frankenstein" of our inhumanity, Milan Medic sees fat and bloated figures. How could we take only one end, when we want everything and refuse to share? The demonstration is made, it is "all or nothing"! Yet, the idea pleases.

His series "as the white" is fascinating, especially the portrait of an african whose face is bleached by a barcode, contrary to what would the prison bars on a pale face do. Brilliant!

Then he changes subjects: after consumption, he depicts the wrongdoing of social networks. Pinging!

While some see in his work a Freud, I find there a Brueghel, a Matthias Grünewald, or in another artistic style, Michael Moore.Milan Medic is an artist to be discovered and the first will be best served. Take one piece and do not be afraid to share

  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Mixed techniques
  • Engraving
  • Drawing
  • Collage


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