Newsted Jason
United States

“We/I first met Jason Newsted - actually in the guise of his art - at an art fair in New York City in 2017. Galerie 55Bellechasse was presenting at this show and our booth was proximate to a booth where a charitable foundation, near and dear to Jason’s heart, had some of his works on display. It was love at first sight. We were subsequently introduced to Jason in person by the head of the foundation and, some months later - after lengthy discussion - reached agreement that our Galerie would represent Jason world-wide in his graphic art endeavours. Love at first sight has matured into a substantial and mutually beneficial professional relationship. We are proud to be able to present the varied artistic ouevre of this highly talented, enormously energetic, endlessly creative, and sensitive individual. He is not a world-famous musical personality who just happened to take up painting as an avocation. He is, in fact, truly a painter who’s passion, energy, and intelligence manifests itself in various forms of artistic expression. It is rare to find any of his more consequential works which do not possess some real meaning - whether expressed via in-your-face overtness or much more subliminally. It has so far been a joyful ride for the Galerie to be part of Jason’s artistic journey. it is hard to predict where it is likely to lead - but we are surely pleased and excited to be “on board.”. We hope and expect many of our friends, both old and new, will join us in this adventure.”

Hans Mautner

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