Christiaan Conradie

Christiaan Conradie
South Africa

Christiaan Conradie draws experiences from and focuses on certain dscrete elements of historic art. He draws inspiration from the age-old pictorial techniques of the old masters, to the whimsy and history of abstraction and of conceptual art. He proposes, therefore, an interesting diversity and multiplicity in his pieces, but whose identity and authenticity is clear and defined.There is no other Conradie; his works are similar.

Conradie conceives art as a space in which a communion with the diversity of life can be achieved. An intimacy of the characters that appear in his pieces, executed with precision and patience, shows the rational and measured aspect of the artist’s work. The themes of old age, of the ravages and immutability of time, are worked on the worn, tired bodies of his characters. The viewer not only feels the weight of time in the temporal presence of the aging bodies, but also in the quiet, still spaces that invite reflection without regard to any particular place or time.

The internal struggles within the works involve the atmosphere of meeting that Conradie imagines, explores and analyses. Characters are alive with textures, appear sensitised and are surrounded by an environment that seems alien to them. Christiaan conceives art as that bridge that can unite two worlds that, in principle, appear contrary, but in communion reveal a vitality, a synergy of reason and sensitivity. Oil, watercolor, object and light, among other materials, allow him to travel through both the rational world and the world of sens. He concentrates his creation in that middle space between the two concepts.
Serenity and violence, strength and decay, order and chaos, rationality and madness, illusion and hopelessness, Christiaan bets on this game of contradictions. In it he finds a vitality that becomes art with an authentic aesthetic. When the viewer is faced with the uncertainty of these dichotomous spaces, the scope of understanding gives way to the realm of aesthetics, to the enjoyment of the senses.

  • Painting
  • Mixed techniques


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