Vochelet Pascal

Pascal Vochelet’s work is fed with pictural references and personal notes, taken from the universe the artist is exploring as an attentive loafer. He paints pictures, opening narrative spaces that come to us like the sound of a far off melody. This is an invitation for a decoding work that animates our memory. Gently, his painting’s strangeness becomes familiar to us. The different techniques of drawing and painting that he uses are driving us in this sense, by slight advances. Subtly, transparency by transparency, we are trigging the poetics wires of our relation to the world, of our past dynamics and of their current resonance.

“To choose to paint a human face, it is getting into the individual’s personality and willing to unveil it, as a witness of his interior life. But at a time where people are massively sharing their portrait on social networks, and where their intimity is becoming a valuable asset without their knowledge (facial recognition, geo-tracking, data analysis), this interest is for me inappropriate. What portrait remains for me to be made without exhibiting his holder? How can we escape from this extremely intrusive system? In view of this, and as I wanted to paint some of my closest friends’ portrait, I have collected photos of individuals I found on the internet (that I don’t know) that would have similar face’s characteristics. And from these “documents”, I reproduce a visage that tends to be the one of the person I wanted to portrait. This is the doubt in the similitude that interests me. There is a moment where the other’s face slips out and start to enter with stealth.”

  • Painting
  • Mixed techniques
  • Drawing


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