Santaoloria Olive

A multifaceted artist, who began his career as composing author, Olive turns to photography 10 years ago. Using his own techniques as the reflection on water surface (“Leviathan” series) or long exposure with a candle (“Intimacy” series of Portraits), he is exploring souls through bodies and faces, signing his work with an authentic graphic and pictorial identity.

As the light of the candle brightens the darkness, from a vagrant shaft of light, silhouettes of corps and faces are shaping. An Intimacy.

“In an ongoing search for a unique visual experience, more emotive than academic, I continue to explore the “photo-graphic” domain with a series where, with just a candle for lighting and a long exposure, I “paint” portraits on black. Layers of clothing are taken away during the photoshoot and the transparency mingled with clothes and tattooed accessories on the bodies. Obscured by the transparency of fabrics, the body is unveiling itself and becomes a focal point, depending on what we can perceive.


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