Albina Rolsing, Germany, Drawing and Painting, Gallery Benjamin Eck Munich


Based in Germany, she is a visual artist open to exploring and creating different interdisciplinary artistic approaches. Her art is versatile. Whether abstract, figurative, colorful or monochrome, expressive or minimalistic, she moves between different styles, techniques and materials and remains constantly faithful to her principal artistic themes. Her world of art is vibrant, silent and deep. Four of nine portrait works presented here are from her new series of abstract works on paper Venus and Alpha. TEXT ON PORTRAIT “The series Venus and Alpha is my way to explore and express sensual and emotional connection between two persons (and two colors), radiant attracted by each other. It’s a metaphor for an intimate interaction between them. My figurative works visually complete abstractions and should provoke thoughts about balancing between desire for sexuality, closeness, tenderness and fusion and a strong need of adult individuals for autonomy.” Looking at her art, enables and encourages one to discover and appraise human beauty, as well as beauty as the space between human boldness, strengths and human fears. Her portraits are vivid and vibrant and will surely please visitors’ eye and excite their minds.


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