Jérôme Le Tellier, France, 52 years old, photography


Jérôme Le Tellier’s ethereal and mystical photographs are focusing on the timelessness of garden, in which human beings are absent. They take on a life and presence of their very own, at times evoking a world of mystery.
He began his career photographing art, a subject that took him to the Rothschild Collection in Waddesdon Manor then onto the United States to the Getty Center in Los Angeles and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
Patricia Valicenti

Jérôme Le Tellier belongs to this cast of photographers that build a photographic work by acting slowly.
For over twenty years, Jérôme Le Tellier carefully and surely pursues his work in landscape and architecture matters. He recently decided to look into the portrait’s theme, a subject where he considers face as a scenery.
His work has been exhibited on many occasions either in France as well as abroad.

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