Galery IMMIX - art director and curator, Paris 75010 (2008 until now). Galery with a focus on photography and mix media

LA HALLE SAINT PIERRE Museum - Art Brut/Outsider/ SIngulier - Communication and Partnerships manager (2002 until now)

Art history and communication (ICART and Universités Paris X/XIII)

Photography centre Jean Verdier – Paris 75010


Art Capital, Grand Palais (Paris, France)


Comparaison, Grand Palais (Paris, France)

Le corps – l’intime – l’intimité, Galerie IMMI (Paris, France)

Féminisme et genre, université Paris 8 (Vincennes/St-Denis, France)

Surrealism Now (Coimbra, Portugal)


Yia Art Fair, Carreau du temple (Paris, France)

Fotofever, Carroussel du Louvre (Paris, France)


Unique portraits of Olga Caldas

In the past ten years of my career I am working on the staging of the body as well as on its own fictional narrative. When it comes to autoportraits, ex. in “Autoportrait en miroir / Mirror Self-Portrait”, it resembles a dreamed autobiography, where I portray a universe emerging from my dreams. My dreams are often echoing the games of my childhood or: portraits of other people, such as in the series L. on the rooftop, portraits in situation, daydreaming on a roof of Paris with the Eiffel Tower in sight witnesses situations. My portraits contain a plethora of intimate scenes, awakenings of daydreams as well as the strength that dreams have in the offering of a free rein to the imagination.

Critical Remarks:

"Poetic, Olga Caldas' photographic work cannot be explained. If it makes you think that it is not as you imagine it, but rather reflects as a mirror. It creates an unexpected face-to-face form of exploration within ourselves."
- Martine Lecoq, art critic, 2016.

"Olga Caldas’ main emphasis is something essential in photography: what is hidden is better seen, or more intense.
Indeed, Olga Caldas' characters do not look at us, but they see us, even from behind, even if their faces are hidden... (...) Olga Caldas' figures wander in familiar and strangely disturbing places. (...) the sensation is indeed that of witnessing a singular scene, a modern and daily ritual at the same time. »
- Elora Weil-Engerer, Manifesto XXI, Dec. 2017

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