Geraldine Beigbeder is a writer, scenarist and plastic artist. She has been exhibited in numerous contemporary art galleries and fairs. She is the curator of Peter Doherty, Norman Reedus , Robert Farber and Gérard Manset. She is also the co-founder of HappenArt.


Géraldine Beigbeder was born in a bearnaise family, founders of a clinics consortium. Her father, Gérald Beigbeder, is half american by his mother, and is a descendant of one of United States presidents, John Adams. Geraldine Beigbeder’s mother, Katarina Veljovic is Serbian. Geraldine’s brother, Edouard Beigbeder is ambassador at Unicef. Geraldine is the first cousin of Frédéric Beigbeder, who is a writer as well, and of Charles Beigbeder, businessman and politician, founder of Selftrade, online brokerage firm, and founder of the firm Poweo.


She grew up in a privileged environment in Villa Navarre, the house of her grandfather’s family, Charles Beigbeder. As a man of letters, he made her discover litterature. Jean Cocteau, the poet Jean-Paul Toulet, the writer Colette, Maurice Ravel the musician, the philosopher Gabriel Marcel and many other intellectuals, were close friends of her grandfather, who came and sojourned/stayed in the family’s house.
At 13 years old, early student, she left her house Villa Navarre and the Béarn region and came to set up in Paris. After a baccalaureate in classics, she presented a History Master in Sorbonne PAris IV, with Jean Tulard as a jury. She graduated with a A distinction and jury’s congratulations. She presented a thesis mingling history and cinema, focusing on Italy during the Risorgimento, with two films as main subjects, Senso and Le Guépard by Visconti.

Simultaneously she took classes at cours Florent with her friend Edouard Baer and found herself in the same class as Isabelle Nanty. To pay the classes she did internships and worked as second assistant director for numerous motion pictures, collaborating among others with Fabien Onteniente, Luc Besson, Claude Lelouch and Jean Paul Lilienfeld.

She then started her carriere as a scenarist with Jean-Luc Azoulay, and she has written numerous sitcoms for french television channels TF1, France 2 and M6. She also worked as lector and script, doctor at Gaumont on the first motion pictures with Sidonie Seydoux.

She made projects with her partner, plastic artist Alain Lame, a short movie, entitled Une famille à bon prix, with the actor Philippe Nahon, and a medium-lenght movie Belgrade, un allez- simple.

She exhibited her first artworks, collages, at Antoine Laurentin galerie, in the expression libre artistic movement, gathering artists as Kriki and François Boisrond.

  • Painting
  • Performance
  • Drawing


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