Nino Bonett

Hello everyone, my name is Alvaro Emilio Nino Bonett, I am a painter from Colombia – South America.

I am currently living in Europe, Between Spain and France.

I started painting at the right after I came out of my mum’s womb, and I have dedicated my life to art ever since.

I studied under masters Luz Marina Bravo and Carlos Alba guidances (Colombian painters) in San Gil and Bucaramanga – Colombia.

My formation as an artist was carried the old way, a master/pupil relationship, I consider myself very lucky, I had the chance to learn without compromising my style.

The main subject in my paintings was the female nude for many years, having been born in a family composed by mostly women and a very strong mother figure.

as I developed as an artist I started feeling disconfort if not shame at the lack of compromise in my art with the poor state of our current society so I decided to show my concern through my art, and here I am in paris several years later with no censorship or restrictions of any kind working with gallery 55 bellechasse.

I hope you tune up with my work and connect with it emotionally and philosophically

may your empathy and better judgement never abandon you, see you all


Nino Bonett


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