Antoine Semoun

If at first sight Antoine seems difficult to apprehend, it is because the young man is protecting himself with an armor. Son and friend of stars, he seeks to avoid unnecessary solicitations but when he accepts to open up, the budding artist deserves much more than a moment. Antoine Semoun was born just before the bug of the year 2000. He could have been a millennial without benchmarks or cultures but he avoids carefully to be one. He is cultivated, full of common sense and hardworking.

Fascinated by American art, literature and cinema, his models are called Charles Bukowski, Robert de Niro Sr., Michael Cimino, Joaquin Phoenix as well as the San Francisco School painters such as Richard Diebenkorn and James Weeks. He began his painter career by signing his paintings "Andy Santori", in homage to the comic Andy Kaufman and the writer Jack Kerouac - of which, as for his other referents, he is as interested in private life as in the works.

Antoine is also passionate about politics and those who make it, and again, he is interested in the substance, does not neglect the form, leaves dominant ideas and speeches, to form a personal and structured opinion which he refines over the months, over the confrontations.

We find this taste for literature, cinema and politics in his painting and his collages, whose eclecticism is only apparent, since all the works reveal and come under the intimate of their author and have as their common thread "World Cinema" or rather "Human Comedy". So his paintings are sort of sheets of readings from films or events that marked him, sometimes made up of collages, and often enriched with words or sentences.

The young 24-year-old artist in 2020 never hesitates to let his ardor and his enthusiasm for colors and contrasts speak for themselves. If he is not looking for harmony, he works on his technique, surrounds himself with books he has devoured, visits exhibitions and finds inspiration there. But if images speak to him, and serve as an engine, quickly he frees himself from them to speak his words better. He is free and through his painting, he wants nothing else than to be himself, totally and deeply, to the intimate.

As he writes, his works are always self-portraits, hence the infinite pleasure that invades him when his closest ones believe in his vocation, because his works show him as he really is. He sums it up as follows: "Emotion and sensitivity are for me the two driving forces of artistic creation. Painting is not "imagining", it is focusing on your heart and letting it express itself "Antoine has another passion, that of writing. There is a sealed envelope, in the frame, on the back of the canvas. The signed letter is synthetic, the words are precise, without adjectives or superlatives, it tells us the essentials about the front side of the work. Everyone is free to open the envelope and read the words of the artist who has become a poet, or to let one be carried away by the dazzling images, colors and titles.

Antoine is already a fascinating young artist of maturity and envy. Surely it must be followed and collected.


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