Ryo Shimizu

Japan, 43 years old, painting

Ryo Shimizu

Through his experience as a video artist, Ryo Shimizu focuses on the effects that noise,
distortion, and loss have on viewers. By interposing them as boundaries that obstruct the visual
image, he draws paintings that deny empathy and immersion and make them look objective.
These pictures do not insist on politics or thoughts - they merely give the viewers an
opportunity to think.

Ryo Shimizu focuses on the relationship between art and social media, and thinks about the
process of creation, through quotations of other artists in the art industry. He also underlines
the sense of incongruity there is in artist activities and posting on social media.
The Remix king (2019), in an exhibition titled “New Portraits”, Richard Prince printed other
people's Instagram posts almost as they were and presented them as his work. Ryo Shimizu
wondered about the meaning of this appropriation and tried, as an experiment, to copy what
Richard Prince was copying. Imp (Mr.Balloon) (2019), Jeff Koons is another artist who worked
on artistic conflict through quotations of others’ works. Many artists, including him, advertise
their activities on social media such as Instagram, as a form of marketing. Ryo Shimizu came
to wonder whether an artist is a businessman or something else. The painting Mr.Balloon was
based on an Instagram post on which he strikes a proud pose. ID Picture of Bacon (2019) and
Backstabber (2019) are the works that inspired him to resort to the glitch style. While
researching on Francis Bacon, he rented a DVD with the movie Love is the devil, which is
made after Bacon’s private life. However, the DVD was old and damaged, so there was video
noise which prevented him from enjoying the movie, and this became a source of inspiration
for his paintings.


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