Chen Ching-Jung

Ching-Jung Chen obtained a master’s degree in mural painting at the Tokyo National
University of Fine Arts in Japan. He lives and works in between Paris and Taipei, and he
regularly holds exhibitions in major fairs such as the Salon d’Automne and the Salon des
Artistes Français, where he won several awards.

Ching-Jung Chen’s works reach a great strength through the use of classical tones. All the
characters and the objects in his paintings are endowed with symbolism, and this way to
overtake realism and surrealism can be considered the specific characteristic of his work.
Rather than focusing on proportion matters, his portraits underline the process of
internalization through its metaphysical aspect. The characters that appear in his paintings also
have an ideological meaning to them, and they stand as an expression of frailty rather than
feminine beauty. Through Chen’s work, people can come to understand and sympathize with
the sufferings of life and society. The characters from Chen’s paintings are a way for him to
communicate with us through an artistic language, and to comfort our hearts.


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