Yoshihiro Seki

Born in Japan, Yoshihiro’s works include a wide variety of genres, from hairstyle and fashion, to advertisements, to portraits and publicity shots. Past exhibitions include “Embellir” (Japan, 2019), “Art Sacre festival” (France, 2019).

In this exhibition, Yoshihiro show the photos where the film was light leaked. The film changes color when it is exposed to light, but the light leaked photo shows the color and light tone of the light that was accidentally leaked to the film without the intention of the photographer. Although it is a photosensitive picture generally called a failure, he feel that the color tone and the tone of light are beautiful. Is the concept of failure work, really right? Please look and feel with your own eyes without being trapped by common sense. The common sense we have had in our lives may possibly be disturbing us when we see something.


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