Yihong HSU

Yihong HSU has an interesting multi-cultural background. She was born in Seoul, Korea as 3rd generation Chinese immigrant. She received American education since elementary school to college. She now lives permanently in Hong Kong.

Yihong HSU received her Bachelor of Art in Graphic Design at Maryland Institute, College of Art, USA and later received her Master in Arts, Design Management, at International Design Advanced Studies Hongik University in Seoul, Korea.

Her multi-national and cultural background lead her to have a successful career in design and branding industry for 18 years. In 2018, she had a first break through as an artist, by being commissioned to do an art installation of 10 meter wide giant panda and 7 meters tall camellia tree - LOVE.FOUND. in Chongqing IFS mall (with co-artist Simone Carena of Italy). Ever since, she has found a new passion in contemporary art and have been painting for the past year.

Yihong HSU portrays everyday human encounters and circumstances by using elements of nature (mostly flowers). Everything that happens in nature actually happens in our lives and vice versa. Within the series paintings—Sunshine, Spring Time, Happy Ending and Protection, you can find similar human stories. Competition to survive, seeds that carries the meaning of new beginnings, learning to co-exist with different people and species. Humans are just as much part of nature and flowers are its interpreters.


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