SOHA Jeong Kyoung-Mee

SOHA Jeong Kyoung-Mee

The invisible energy [Gyeol] of nature is captured in artworks in three dimensions and fiat surfaces using glass and photographs. ‘SOHA’ is this artist’s pen name, which means ‘the person born in the middle of summer’. Until now she has held two solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions. Currently she manages SOHA Fine Art Studio.

The starting point of SOHA Jeong Kyoung-Mee art work is observation of nature and it goes natural beauty to art that continually and simply search for nature. Irregularity pattern of observed nature represent to simplify shape, or focus on spatial component. Certain pattern purely and simply express with visible form or volume of nature energy.

Dynamic change of Mother Nature such as winds and times can only feel. This artist's experience of landscape has shown the glass works using transparent feature of glass for that people feel and share. Wind and wave that we called ‘Gyeol’ never stopped but never the same as before. There is not same movement in the world. Mother Nature has irregularity repeats of infinity even though it looks peaceful and quiet. However, when we look closely, each windless keep continuous moving that has energy. All the nature, even if it seems quiet, has intense energy. The energy of nature in the peaceful seems static and quiet to patterned and repeated has holding extreme power inside to unstable pattered and no repeated with time.

In the art work of SOHA, she expressed an inner energy in the peaceful seen with dynamic nature that seems to be quiet and static but constantly shakes. And it shows the intense flow of energy.


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