Jongsuk Lee

Jongsuk Lee graduated in Fine Arts from Seoul National University. As a professional artist, she has exhibited her works at numerous solo and group exhibitions.

She also participated in several art fairs such as Hongkong Art Fair, Seoul Open Art Fair, and has been invited to many national and international exhibitions such as Korea-Japan National Exchange, LA Korean Artists Exhibition, etc.

As a member of several artists’ associations in Korea (Hanool, TER, PENTAS, Changmi), She is a highly productive artist whose paintings are very popular everywhere.

After the exhibition at FOLD Gallery in London, she will have another solo exhibition at Villa des arts Gallery in Paris.

The things that are unfolding in front of you. A vast plain, a mountain, a sea of mysterious sights, and a feast of colors spread throughout the seasons. They change without remaining still for even an instant, and they are to be found in every moment. Not only are these things perceived visually, but also the delicate sounds, scents, and feelings that I experience with my whole being meld together and deepen as time goes on. When we walk through the space of impression, we come to understand many things through our experience, but if later we return to this original space, we can reach the truth at the source of our initial feeling. This process represents for me a precious opportunity to reflect on life and becomes a motivating factor for living life earnestly.

The variation of line and color are used as a means of expressing this emotional energy. The changing lines and colours are not only refined and shaped by the external image, but also concentrate its strong energy. The composition, which is formed by transforming the simplified image and repeating it, is also to be found in the inner circle where it is further repeated. Those who find such a concentration of elements appealing will find that they are themselves exploring the inner world.


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